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Every year we observe and experience the seasons. Each one with its particularity and with the beginning and closing of its cycles. Cycles we also go through. We go through several moments of “becoming” and “already been”. Of reorientation and constant transformations.

Our body reacts to every climate change. Each season of the year it behaves differently. And the more connected to nature, the healthier it gets.

When we properly enjoy the stages of life, we grow from cycle to cycle, towards greater complexity, maturity, clarity, like a good wine that only reveals itself completely over the years. This harmony with nature allows us to be connected with giving and receiving, with coming and going, dealing with flow and with control and imposing limits. It's learning to start and close cycles. No weight. No guilt.

This week we celebrate the beginning of SPRING! When she arrives, the plants break through the ground. We experience in nature its strength, young, dynamic, effervescent and about to spread.

And the body? How do you tend to react in spring?

The body comes on impulse to transform all strength into action. The body seeks to expand in all directions. Gain strength to expand your capabilities and expose your ideas to the world.

This happens due to a strong action of the Liver and Muscles, the main organs of this season. The strength of the liver in shouting for ideals and the claw and action in executing them through the muscles.

All this intensity can also be accompanied by imbalances and pain in these body structures at this time of year: anger, anger, irritability, muscle spasms, muscle tension, cramps or tendinitis.

Take advantage of this beautiful season to experience the wind touching your body. Make yourself! Allow yourself! Taste more sour fruits. Practice kindness. Scream outdoors when you feel like it. Open your eyes wide. Observe all the charm of this season!

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Dra Ana Paula Grilo Salmaso


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