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Graduated more than 10 years ago, physiotherapist Dr Ana Paula Salmaso works to relieve pain and body balance through individualized and personalized care, aiming to achieve the best clinical results. To arrive at these promising results, look at the patient as a whole, after all, mind, body and emotions form a single integrated system, with a powerful connection, where one impacts on the other and an imbalance between them can lead to pain.

This is the key to a promising work: promoting health, alleviating pain in all its extension and improving the quality of life through techniques and procedures suited to each one.


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  • Graduated in Physiotherapy - Universidade Paulista UNIP, 2007.

  • Postgraduate in Chiropractic, UNAERP, 2009

  • Certification in Neural Mobilization and Explaining Pain by NOI GROUP with David Butler in Brazil, 2009

  • Master Certification in Manual Therapy by Hands On Seminars, NY, 2010

  • Training in RPG / RPM (Global Postural Reeducation through Muscular Proprioceptive Rebalancing), 2010

  • Training in Somato Emotional Rebalance, 2011

  • Training in Somato Analysis, 2014

  • Clinical Update on Pain from Harvard University, Boston, 2017

  • Graduated from the AtlasProfilax Swiss Academy, Bogotá, 2019

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