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LÚCIA, Itatiba / São Paulo / Brazil

“Ana Paula is an excellent professional. She is always updating herself and bringing new procedures to her patients. I am free to talk about all subjects and in doubts it is very enlightening. Since I started treatment with her, I have felt very well”.

ANA CLÁUDIA, Barcelona / Spain

“What can I say about Ana Paula? First, she is an incredible human being. And second, she was born to be a Physical Therapist! She really enjoys what she does and she passes that love on to her patients. Since 2012 or 2013 I have been assisted by her. At first I started with RPG/RPM care due to back pain and the diagnosis of lumbar and cervical scoliosis. With all her dedication and technique, Ana realized that my pain wasn't just physical and that's when I found myself with the BEING, that's when I found out who I really am and learned to look more closely at myself, get to know my body and accept my feelings and emotions . Years and years of great discoveries, it was and still is magical, because I rediscover and reinvent myself more and more. I started to realize that it's not the things in the world that shake me, but I who allow myself to be shaken by the things of the world. I tend to be very controlling and for a long time I've been trying to accept things as they are and let them flow. It hasn't been easy, but I know I'm on the right track. I just need to stop controlling myself, it's too crazy. With SER, Ana Paula provided me with a great deal of self-knowledge, especially as a woman, and I am enchanted every time I discover something new and say “I'm awesome”. I have noticed that we are in constant transformation, we are always learning something new about ourselves and our relationships, and this has been increasingly easy to perceive due to all the work developed by Ana. My back pain? They only appear in situations of stress and anxiety, just like my headaches, the pains appear on days when I am more tense due to some event, and I only know this from the years of work with SER. In addition, I did the Atlasprofilax®, which helped me a lot and I can say that emotionally as well, because my posture is more aligned and I could notice the leap in my self-esteem, today I feel much prettier. But the interesting thing about all of Ana Paula's work is precisely that you learn to respect yourself on good days and not so good. I am very grateful for Ana Paula's work, attention and affection”.

MARIA DO CARMO, Itatiba / São Paulo / Brazil

This patient, treated by Dr. Ana Paula Salmaso, in Itatiba (São Paulo - Brazil), was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and, in addition to experiencing severe back and muscle pain, suffered from insomnia. After treatment with AtlasPROfilax®, the patient says that she no longer feels pain, that her sleep has improved a lot and that she has stopped taking medication.

LORELICE, Itatiba / São Paulo / Brazil

Watch this testimony from a patient who underwent the AtlasProfilax® procedure!
The patient had complaints of migraine, insomnia and fibromyalgia!.

ANA CLÁUDIA, Campinas / São Paulo / Brazil

See the testimony of the patient Ana Claudia after the procedure with AtlasPROfilax®.

MARCOS, Jundiaí / São Paulo / Brazil

Do you feel PAINS and have looked for several treatments and nothing has resolved? See this patient's testimony and come and meet too! Taking care of the patient in all his integrity is my job!

DANIELA, Itatiba / São Paulo / Brazil

"I did it!!! That's what saved me going to and from hospitals almost weekly... I had migraines almost every day and when painkillers didn't improve the only way was to go to the ER to take a serum. Several times I still left the place in pain because I had already taken everything and the only medicine would be morphine.
I underwent the procedure a little over 1 year ago and my migraines have reduced by almost 100%... Now when I have them, it comes from hormonal disturbances before my period. Thank you Dr Ana for introducing me to this procedure!! It was the best thing I ever did!!! Ahhh!!! I cannot fail to mention the improvement in posture and flexibility. I LOVED!!!"

ANA CÁSSIA, Jundiaí / São Paulo / Brazil

"Dra Ana Paula Grilo who performs the AtlasPROfilax® super recommend my daughter did it for the spine super corrected her posture her work is pure excellence. Besides being a great professional she is a super welcoming being of light with all her affection and beautiful way of being . I already recommended it to friends, cousin and for all the results were perfect. GRATEFUL"

MARIA JOSÉ, Itatiba / São Paulo / Brazil

"This beautiful physiotherapist Ana Paula Grilo Salmaso, always concerned about improving chronic pain in her patients, brought us a simply miraculous treatment, AtlasPROfilax®. over all, my recovery from excruciating pain is surprising me. I'm doing my thing again."

MARIA DA GRAÇA, Jundiaí / São Paulo / Brazil

"My name is Maria da Graça, I'm a beautician, I'm 60 years old. For about 5 years I've been taking care of three lumbar disc herniations and a micro rupture of the tendon in the right shoulder. I've known Dr. Ana Paula for years. We were teaching colleagues in the technical course in aesthetics. Knowing about my injuries, she told me about AtlasPROfilax®. We scheduled an evaluation and applied the technique on the same day and continued the treatment together with Somato Emocional. The benefits obtained were many: pain relief, greater flexibility muscle and joint, my posture improved a lot, which brought me greater comfort to carry out my work. Another change was that I started to feel more confident and more secure in decision-making both on a daily basis and in more complex situations. In conclusion: I recommend the treatment, as it brings quality of life.Living without pain or with less pain brings us joy and motivation to enjoy each day.
Thank you Anna."

ISMAR, Itatiba / São Paulo / Brazil

"Hands that heal. No sentence better defines the work of Dr. Ana, who, equipped with a high capacity for empathy, seeks and manages to alleviate the pain of her patients, efficiently and lastingly."

LUCIANA, Jundiaí / São Paulo / Brazil

"I met Dr. Ana Paula through a friend because she saw my suffering with constant migraine attacks. I've had migraine attacks since I was a child, however, since September 2019, the attacks have become very frequent, for example, 15 attacks within the month. My seizures were so intense that it made it impossible for me to work. I am a daycare teacher and, when they happened, I had to be taken to a hospital and had to take intravenous medication. I no longer had a quality of life. I was undergoing treatment with neurologist, doing acupuncture, all my exams were normal and out of nowhere, the vision darkened, the nausea came, the headache was unbearable, I couldn't smell and I couldn't hear noise. It was horrible. And in a day of despair I was with a crisis, my friend gave me Dr. Ana Paula's contact with some videos about AtlasPROfilax and told me to send her a message and we'd talk over the phone.

On 11/09/2019 I sent a message saying I was interested in knowing the procedure. Dra Ana called me and we talked for about 40 minutes. She was so attentive at that moment that I already fell in love with her. We scheduled the appointment for 11/14/2019. The procedure is a little painful, but bearable. Doctor Ana Paula is wonderful, super attentive, who makes you feel at ease. I was shocked when I saw how misaligned I was, according to the measurements taken by the doctor. And impressed when I saw that, after the procedure, I was aligned.

I continue to be treated by a neurologist and gynecologist, as hormonal peaks can also trigger crises.

After the procedure, my seizures improved a lot and the quality of my sleep as well. I have 2 crises a month that last about 50 minutes on average and I don't need to take medication, as it doesn't even give me a headache. These crises are close to periods of ovulation and menstruation, but we are already working on this with the gynecologist.

After the AtlasPROfilax® procedure, I continued with somato-emotional rebalancing therapies. If you've never done it, I advise you to do it, because it's such a good feeling that you can't even explain it. It looks like you weigh about 10 kg of how light you get out of there. It's so nice to talk to Dr Ana Paula, she listens to you and speaks with a delicacy that is inexplicable. I can only thank you for the treatment, the service, the affection, the attention you have with all people."

PAULO, Itatiba / São Paulo / Brazil

"The experience with Dr Ana Paula has been extremely positive. After five months with very limited movement due to a lumbar hernia, today I am able to go for walks in addition to a series of other activities, including an increase in the quality of sleep. sleeping taking anti-inflammatories and lying on the floor. The diagnosis led to immediate surgery. I'm fine and getting better every day after four weeks. I recommend Dr Ana Paula as a professional and for the human being she is in treating and caring for patients! gratitude!."

CELIA, Itatiba / São Paulo / Brazil

"Dr. Ana Paula, I want to congratulate you for your work, the affection and joy with which you receive us in each service. I want to express my gratitude, because today I am a new person. And I couldn't stop talking about AtlasPROfilax®, how much it was good for me and my family, since we all received this procedure. Not only did my attitude change, but in general. Today, I am able to know myself better and distinguish the reason for the pain, the drop in immunity, insomnia and other factors. Dr. Ana Paula, thank you very much for everything!."

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