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This week I received the beautiful report of a patient who arrived at the office in a moment of acute pain in the neck due to a disc protrusion. The pain was the beginning of her transformation process and today, in addition to being able to treat her local pain, she was able to look at herself and understand what was involved there, and above all, having had the courage to transform and seek new ways. On her birthday, she vibrated for her achievement and presented me with her story.

“In 2014 I had a cervical disc protrusion and I arrived at Ana Paula in 2015 in an attempt to do RPG, as I had already undergone many exams and other physiotherapy without success, I could no longer bear that pain in my shoulder and neck. During the consultations, I ended up becoming interested in Somato Emotional therapy, as I had tried other therapies and remedies without success. That's when my journey of self-discovery began. One of the first body awareness sessions she asked me to stand up, with my eyes closed so I could describe it, I started with an analogy to a tree, saying that it had a thick, strong trunk and that there were no leaves and it didn't move, not even with the wind, that was exactly my description, full of rules, concepts that I don't know how I became rigid with everything, with myself and with life... In another session I remember that she brought me several flavors to taste, it didn't taste like anything, like sand. And then I realized that I didn't have a favorite food or color and I didn't feel anything, because I lived on automatic. I went through 2 years of sessions and breakthroughs and got the high I thought I would never get. A month later I was pregnant. A lot happened and in 2019 my pain came back without me doing anything, I already knew the way, I went back to the sessions. When they say that when a child is born, a mother is born... yes, someone else is born, full of doubts, guilt and an immense desire not to make mistakes... and problems appear. Halfway through, I no longer felt the pain, as my body and I were more connected than in the beginning. And so time went by, I allowed myself to experience sensations and be present in my life. I went through problems and it got to the point that Ana Paula suggested doing a job associated with a psychologist. It was another process, sometimes difficult, but necessary for those who want to evolve. In one of the last sessions, in 2021, I felt my body a little crooked on the stretcher, head and arms, and she asked me to describe it better and without thinking, I described a tree again, now with branches and leaves that swayed in the breeze and very moved, I was that tree that had nothing to do with the one at the beginning of this story. Now feeling the sensations, living the present. The work together between the psychologist and Paula was very good, in fact it was liberating, even though the path is tortuous and painful, there is no greater happiness than finding the light at the end of the tunnel. I am very grateful to Ana Paula for having guided me through this process, because now I am more colorful, I feel my feet when I am walking, I can feel emotions, I can decide for what I want and I can be a better mother and person. I've come this far without fear of what might come and I haven't given up on myself. Today I celebrate my birthday. My new cycle. Welcome to my next best years of my life.”

Dra Ana Paula Grilo Salmaso


Crefito 3 119033-F

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