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The body learned

This week I was contemplated with the report of a patient who made a beautiful journey within the work of Somato Emotional Rebalancing in search of herself and relief from her pain.

Even in this moment of quarantine, he continued to exercise everything his body learned in the consultations and reported being able to feel himself, to let things surface, as if he opened the closed windows and drawers of the body and thus discovered a new path.

Although it was a painful process, he reports that it was a very rich and intense experience to get in touch, to open up more and more, to observe each day walking in a different way, according to each emotion felt.

At the end of the process, the body brought words, expressed below:

“I emerge beautiful, full

When I hear myself, when I feel

When I like being here

aching, contracted

Is received and cherished

When tears can fall or not

When the contraction chooses to stay even when I want it to go

And yet being here has this texture

Chest tightness texture, squirmy body texture

But here. with painful memories

aversive bodily sensations

But here. Alive. Feeling.

Not to be ashamed of what I am

Not blocking what I feel with invented stories to support an identity that fits my constructed patterns

No need to deny who I am

Denying what I want for fear of not getting it

Being able to not be able to welcome me

Being able to integrate my pain

be able to look at my face

No make up

Co-emerge to meet my standards

And to heal them by embrace

For the embrace of my whole being

Beautiful in her ugliness, beautiful in her beauty

Wonderful for being a miracle, for being life, for feeling, for hurting

Power hurt! don't need to be anything

I want to be nothing and I want to be everything."

This is the richness of the work.

This is the great wealth of our body.

How can you not get emotional?

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Dra Ana Paula Grilo Salmaso


Crefito 3 119033-F

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