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Hello! I would like to celebrate International Women's Day by sharing with you the story of a patient who had a beautiful journey during her treatment. I'll tell you a little about her story:

A 48-years-old female bank employee arrived at the office with a panic attack, tingling in her arms, tongue and chest, complaining of allergies all over her body and constant loss of voice, but nothing identified in any of her clinical, laboratory and of image.

She has been married for 12 years and has raised her son alone since their separation.

What most caught my attention in your evaluation were your remarkable lines, such as:

“I feel like I was born allergic”

"I do not feel like doing anything"

"This body is not mine".

“I never had the courage to try something else or to believe that I can change”

"I can't stand being alone"

“I want to learn to look at myself”

Touching a body is touching a story. In a memory. And perception is fundamental to its development. So we started her treatment and when she was touched in one of the consultations, she reported having the bodily sensation of being buried, with only her eyes and nose sticking out. When asked how she was feeling there, she replied that it was nice, warm and comfortable. When working the neck, she reported feeling insecure and helpless.

At another moment she felt a lot of weight on her head and the feeling of suffocation. She was asked what her weight would be at this point in life, and she reported that she had always eating crow.

During the consultations, when touched, she felt weight in her throat and pressure in her ears.

“Parece que estou sentindo vontade de falar”

“Me parece que é um renascer, um reencontro, uma redescoberta”.

Since then, he said he was wondering:

“I've been out of tongue for a while now. I'm not holding my lines anymore. I do whatever I want. And I have allowed myself to cry. I seem to be loving myself more. This is pretty weird to me. Oh and besides, it looks like my mouth plate I wear to sleep doesn't fit anymore. It seems that my tongue unlearned to position itself there”

Touching her feet, her left leg felt as if it were molded into foam. Completely trapped, tied up. The feeling of the right leg was completely different. She felt her leg free. “Freedom I never had”. Throughout the consultation, they were given the opportunity to choose which leg they would like to be touched at that moment. Time chose one, time chose the other and so it was alternating throughout his appointment. When she finished, she felt like putting her feet on the ground and walking. "I feel very good. I seem to see a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Remember that feeling of being buried?

At the next appointment, she had a bodily sensation of a horse ready to open the gate and trot out.

And so this patient walked.

“Seems like even my eye opens more now”

Since then, this patient has become interested in seeking new paths. She tried different flavors and paths, watched series of completely different genres on Netflix, used soaps with aromas that she had never tried before, in short, she allowed herself to make new choices. “I never seem to learn to pick things out. I never made choices for myself. By my will. To please me. And you know I've been enjoying being alone? I do my meditations, eat whatever I want, without guilt or worry. I don’t need to be satisfying anyone.”.

And the result of all this treatment? She's the one who will tell you! She sent me this audio describing her big changes observed last year, 2020. Listen calmly and fondly!

To Listen to Audio, Click HERE (Audio in Brazilian Portuguese)

And this is the result of this rich and unique treatment. Panic attacks and allergies are left behind. And after an audio like that, it's also clear that his voice became active and empowered!

And here is this beautiful woman, with her new tattoo and all her courage in her luggage!

Talk to us and learn more.

Dra Ana Paula Grilo Salmaso Physiotherapist Crefito 3 119033-F

Follow on social media @draanapaulasalmaso


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