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Pain is an action, a response, like hunger, thirst and the desire to sleep.

These responses are presented by our body as a survival and protection system for our organism.

She teaches us that fire burns, sharp objects hurt and this serves to warn us of danger and injury. Without it, we would never have been able to prevent these incidents. Despite protecting us, it is exhausting and depending on the intensity and duration, it can cause major impacts on quality of life.

Today, pain is defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with tissue damage. This means that pain can be a response to physical threats as mentioned above, as well as a response to day-to-day situations or conflicts such as financial, work, marital problems or even emotional disturbances such as anxiety, fear, anguish. , depression, lack of pleasure, sleep disorders as well as helplessness _ absence of help or lack of protection.

This new definition encompasses the rich and close relationship between the body and emotions. This explains when you cut your finger and when you look at it it scares you and only then you start to feel the pain, or then in a moment of great tension and stress the pain increases immediately, as well as on a day of great pain laughing or being distracted with friends, the pain relieves.

Therefore, listening to the person affected by pain, welcoming and understanding their emotional reactions to the illness is essential for successful treatment.

Taking care of pain is taking care of the soul. Repressed feelings and emotions scream, explode and manifest in the same way... PAIN!

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