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Have you been sleeping well?

Hippocrates was one of the first to associate sleep and health: “Sleep and its absence, when in excess, are bad”.

The complaint of sleep disturbance has been very frequent. Pain and sleep may be related, either with pain interfering with sleep or sleep disturbances exacerbating pain symptoms.

Promoting sleep hygiene is an important step towards pain control and management.

>> Create a peaceful sleeping environment – prepare your bed and try to keep the room organized. Make use of incense or scents like Lavender.

>> Develop a routine – try to get your body used to sleeping at the same time. Taking a relaxing bath before going to bed can help you!

>> Turn off the lights – being completely in the dark helps with the production of melatonin – the hormone responsible for sleep.

>> Stay away from electronics – equipment lights as well as sound can make your body more agitated.

>> Avoid caffeine and alcohol – they can only keep the body in the lightest stages of sleep

>> Have a lighter meal at night – a heavier meal can make it difficult for the body to relax at the time of sleep

Do you also suffer from pain?

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