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The body can be understood from two sides: the logical-rational side and the sensory-perceptive side. Our logical-rational side is our practical side, of rationality, our conscious side. Our thinking side of history.

On the other side we have the perceptual sense. This sensory sensitivity is consistent with the five sense organs: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. This is how we receive information from the external environment and perceive the world. The brain receives and processes all this information and sends a response, such as hunger, smile, cry, pleasure, as well as pain. Therefore, there is always a sensory stimulus entering our body and a response coming out, however, we do not control these stimuli and we cannot know how our brain will respond to each one of them.

These two sides should be equally balanced and balanced to maintain good bodily health, however, contrary to what many imagine, we tend to develop our logical-rational side much more. Clear! We have the great illusion of trying to control the body all the time. It is much easier and “safer” to think than to feel. However, we don't realize that this is how we fall into our routine. We always do the same things, in the same sequences, watch the same TV programs, listen to the same musical styles, eat the same foods, in short, we stop trying new things to be practical and save time. What about time? Unfortunately we don't give the body the time it needs.

Working with the universe of pain is bringing this awakening to each patient. It's teaching him to pay attention, to feel and discover himself. It's making him capable of feeling the movement of each breath, of touch, light and deep, it's being able to hear himself again, hear the sound of his own voice, to see again without masks, without lenses, and to see again what was hidden, muffled and pressed by the mind and choices. It's being able to taste life again, the pleasure we can find in it and in its simplicity. No judgments and preconceptions. No rules and no paradigms. Just FEELING. It's liberating!

The body becomes light. Take it for a walk and make new choices. Take new paths and follow with more confidence. Simply being FREE!

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Dra Ana Paula Grilo Salmaso


Crefito 3 119033-F

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