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The Atlas is the first cervical vertebra. According to the most recent studies, there are indications that the physiological conditions of the Atlas can be directly linked to cervical complaints and headaches.

WHAT IS ATLAS?Atlas is the name given to our first spine vertebra, located just below the skull. It receives its name from the Atlas of Greek Mythology, one of the titans condemned by Zeus to sustain the heavens forever. It represents the weight of everyday difficulties, obligations and tasks. Therefore, the Atlas vertebra carries the entire physical weight of the skull, which comprises about 6 kg and the entire weight of our mind, which in addition to emotional issues also brings with it the belief of carrying the world on one's back, today seen as one of the main causes of stress in modern life.


Atlas not only carries the skull but is also responsible for sustaining and balancing the spine and the entire skeleton.


When the Atlas is misaligned, it can generate a head tilt and the entire spine tends to compensate for this misalignment of the Atlas with a rotation of the hip joint to try to keep the center of gravity in balance. This can be directly linked to pain in the neck, lumbar spine and impacts the entire spinal column. Altas misalignment can lead to continuous pressure throughout the spinal cord, nerves, and impairment of the proper functioning of the circulatory system, muscles, joints, eyes, ears, jaw joint, thus generating a great physical, psychological and postural impact.


  • Traumatic and forceps deliveries,

  • Whiplash whiplash injuries,

  • Headfalls hitting the forehead, neck or chin or even falls sitting with great impact of the coccyx (end of the lumbar spine) on the floor.


Atlas, when reset in its correct position, optimizes circulation and restores the body's center of gravity. What does that imply? In the possible reduction or elimination of headaches and migraines, dizziness, vertigo, pain in the neck, lumbar spine and postural alignment.



This misalignment of the Atlas can be accurately and safely corrected by a single application of this procedure called AtlasProfilax. This happens through specific equipment that performs a deep massage on the neck muscles and allows the movement of the Atlas to the correct anatomical position..

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