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Very precise procedure to eliminate muscle trigger points.


The myofascial trigger point is a specific muscle pain point. Located exactly in the muscle fiber, it is possible to touch it accurately and feel all the tension in the place.

Sharp contraction or excessive stretching can result in muscle micro-trauma, causing rupture of muscle cell membranes.

This micro-trauma to the musculature can be the result of:
Repetitive movements, hyper-speed movement such as during sports, falls and car accidents, stress positions, such as postural asymmetries or remaining in a certain position for a very long time.


The trigger point can be activated according to the degree and frequency of these micro-traumas. Muscle pain can be just local, with sensations of pinching, stabbing, pricking or stabbing, as well as radiating pain, that is, pain not only at the trigger site but throughout the entire muscle extension or in different locations.


The inactivation of these points can be done manually, as well as with the use of needles. With the needles, it is possible to reach exactly the trigger point and release it very quickly and precisely.

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